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God created us for intimacy (in-to-me-see) with Himself and each other.  In-To-Me-See Groups are a means to that end with small groups of 2-4 people gathering to experience life in Christ, and to discover what God is revealing about Himself and each other from His Word.

Each group decides when/where to meet, and which Gospel to *Pray/Read in advance.

Pray/Read a passage, asking God these questions:

  • What are You revealing about Yourself?
  • What are You revealing about me?
  • How should I respond to You?

Gather weekly to ask one another these questions:

  • What did God reveal about Himself?
  • What did God reveal about you?
  • How are you responding to Him?

Small groups gather weekly for 60-90 minutes, including time to open and close in prayer.

Small groups gather monthly as a large group for fellowship, and to share their experiences.

Small group members reach out by inviting those with an interest to a large group gathering.

New groups form through personal outreach and invitations offered at large group gatherings.

*Pray/Read – To converse with God while prayerfully reading and reflecting on His Word.

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  1. Sal

    What are You revealing about Yourself? That I am not capable to do whatever without speaking to Him for direction.

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