Daily Word Glossary

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June 5, 2020 |

Ponder: Creation’s MAJESTY is merely a glimpse of the Creator’s MAJESTY. Practice: On the glorious splendor of your MAJESTY, and on your wondrous works, I will meditate. (Psalm 145:5 – ESV)

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August 4, 2020 |

Ponder: If you MEDITATE on God, God will mediate for you. Practice: I will MEDITATE on all your works and consider all your mighty deeds. (Psalm 77:12 – NIV)

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January 14, 2021 |

Ponder: MEEK is not weak, but strength in submission. Practice: Blessed are the MEEK: for they shall inherit the earth. (Matthew 5:5 – KJV)

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May 25, 2020 |

Ponder: The best MEMORIAL is the one you will never forget. Practice: The Lord, the God of hosts, the Lord is his MEMORIAL name. (Hosea 12:5 – ESV)

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May 19, 2020 |

Ponder: MERCIFUL people get it from God, and give it to others. Practice: Blessed are the MERCIFUL: for they shall obtain mercy. (Matthew 5:7 – KJV)

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March 26, 2020 |

Ponder: MERCY is the gift we least deserve, but desire most. Practice: God’s MERCY is so abundant, and his love for us is so great. (Ephesians 2:4 – GNT)

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February 24, 2020 |

Ponder: The one who minds Christ demonstrates the MIND of Christ. Practice: Let the same MIND be in you that was in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 2:5 – NRSV)

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November 25, 2020 |

Ponder: A mind full of God is MINDFUL of God. Practice: I have always been MINDFUL of your unfailing love. (Psalm 26:3 – NIV)

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March 11, 2020 |

Ponder: MONEY is God’s most contentious competitor. Practice: You cannot serve God and MONEY. (Luke 16:13 – ESV)

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February 6, 2020 |

Ponder: The definition of your MORALS may be found in the description of your friends. Practice: Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good MORALS.” (1 Corinthians 15:33 – NASB)

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May 12, 2020 |

Ponder: The love of a MOTHER is like no other. Practice: Honor your father and MOTHER. (Exodus 20:12 – NLT)

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October 5, 2020 |

Ponder: Actions speak louder than words, but MOTIVES speak louder than actions. Practice: You may think everything you do is right, but the Lord judges your MOTIVES. (Proverbs 16:2 – GNT)

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November 3, 2020 |

Ponder: God is quick to comfort the sinner, who is quick to MOURN the sin. Practice: Blessed are those who MOURN, for they will be comforted. (Matthew 5:4 – NRSV)

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September 28, 2020 |

Ponder: God’s purpose is to MOVE in us in order to MOVE through us. Practice: In Him we live and MOVE and have our being. (Acts 17:28 – NKJV)

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April 27, 2020 |

Ponder: To know how MUCH God expects of you, first consider how MUCH He has given to you. Practice: From everyone who has been given MUCH, MUCH will be demanded. (Luke 12:48 – NIV)

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July 11, 2020 |

Ponder: MUSIC is a spiritual language that requires no words, yet speaks volumes. Practice: Come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with MUSIC and song. (Psalm 95:2 – NIV)

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