Bart Physioc

BartMy interest in discipleship began at the time of my conversion in 1978. While reading the four gospels in the New Testament, I was so impressed with the life of Christ that I decided to trust Jesus as Savior and follow Him as Lord. I wanted to be His disciple and needed a mature Christian to lead me on the journey. Unfortunately, no one extended an invitation to mentor me. Consequently, my early discipleship experience was limited to books and study guides on the subject.

While attending Golden Gate Theological Seminary in California from 1981-1983, I purposefully took courses that presented examples of discipleship. My intent was to consider existing models, take the best from what each had to offer, and then develop a model of my own. After graduating in 1983 with a Master of Religious Education degree, I spent the next three years developing and employing a discipleship model designed specifically for use with college students at the University of Idaho, where I served from 1983-1986 as a campus minister. In 1986 I returned to Golden Gate Seminary to work on Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees that focused on creating and implementing a discipleship model in the context of a church plant.

Convinced that disciple-making requires a relationship between a mentor (discipler) and learner (disciple), I went to work. My model involved one-on-one and small group dynamics through which disciples were trained by disciplers in the areas of evangelism, Bible study, Scripture memory, accountability, prayer and service. By the time I graduated with M.Div. and D.Min degrees in 1988, the church had grown significantly through members, who had been equipped to lead home cell groups and train others to do likewise.  After graduation I continued to pastor the church, now known as BayMarin Community Church, San Rafael CA.

In 1989 I entered active military service as an Army Chaplain. For several years I used my model only in one-on-one relationships with soldiers. Then, in 1995, after leading a man to faith in Christ and discipling him personally, each of us reproduced the ministry in other men. Soon, many pairs of men were meeting one-on-one for accountability and prayer, as well as in small groups for Bible study and fellowship. As they faithfully invested themselves in other men, the ministry grew.

In 2000 I produced the first Discipler’s Guide & Disciple’s Workbook editions.  Six years later I established Disciplers International for the purpose of providing discipleship training and resources for all who seek to “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19), as commanded by Jesus.

In 2014 I retired from the U.S. Army, and moved to Annapolis MD, where my wife, Dawn, and I continue to serve the Lord and those He brings into our lives.  Our mutual interests include hospitality, traveling, hiking and simply being together.  We especially enjoy spending time with our two children and their families.