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God created us for spiritual intimacy (in-to-me-see) with Himself and one another, which unfolds when we practice the first three Spiritual Disciplines (Worship the Lord, Hear His Word, Pray His Will).  Complement your in-to-me-see times with the Lord with spiritually intimate times with others.  In-To-Me-See groups are a means to that end, with several believers gathering regularly to experience life with Christ in community, and to discover what God is revealing about Himself and about one another from His Word.

Each group decides when/where to meet, and what Scripture text to *Pray-Read in advance.

Pray/Read a passage, asking God these questions:

  • What are You revealing about Yourself?
  • What are You revealing about me?
  • How should I respond to You?

Gather weekly to ask one another these questions:

  • What did God reveal about Himself?
  • What did God reveal about you?
  • How are you responding to Him?

*Pray-Read – To converse with God while prayerfully reading and reflecting on His Word.

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  1. Sal

    What are You revealing about Yourself? That I am not capable to do whatever without speaking to Him for direction.

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