Bible Study Notes

Disciplers International produces Study Notes of New Testament Scripture passages on a weekly basis.  Every edition includes an Observation Statement of the passage, an English translation of the Greek text, Key Words and Definitions, Verse-by-Verse Interpretations, Discussion Questions and a Life Application. The Inductive Notes with Questions are designed for use in Personal Bible Study & Small Group Studies.

Verse-by-Verse Studies through the New Testament Click here

Topical Studies through the Synoptic Gospels – Click links below

01 Genealogy of Jesus – Matthew

02 Genealogy of Jesus – Luke

03 Promise of John’s Birth

04 Birth of Jesus told to Mary

05 Birth of Jesus told to Joseph

06 Mary visits Elizabeth

07 Birth of John

08 Birth of Jesus

09 Jesus Presented in the Temple

10 Visit of the Magi

11 Childhood of Jesus

12 Jesus at age 12

13 John Prepares the Way

14 John Preaches Good News

15 John Baptizes Jesus

16 Jesus is Tempted

17 Jesus Preaches in Galilee

18 Jesus Rejected in Nazareth

19 Jesus Calls Four Fishermen

20 Jesus Expels an Unclean Spirit

21 Jesus Healing and Preaching

22 Miraculous Catch of Fish

23 The Beatitudes

24 Parables of Salt and Light

25 Jesus on Murder-Adultery-Divorce

26 Jesus on Oaths-Nonresistance-Love

27 Jesus on Giving and Praying

28 The Lord’s Prayer

29 Jesus on Fasting-Treasures-Anxiety

30 Jesus on Judging-Asking-Entering

31 Jesus on Bearing-Hearing-Doing

32 Jesus Heals a Leper

33 Jesus Heals a Servant and Others

34 Cost of Discipleship & Power of Jesus

35 Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man

36 Jesus Calls Levi – Comments on Fasting

37 Jesus Heals Various Conditions

38 Jesus Calls 12 Apostles

39 Jesus Describes the Cost of Discipleship

40 Jesus Affirms the Ministry of John

41 Words of Condemnation and Comfort

42 42 Jesus Plucks Grain on the Sabbath

43 Jesus Heals the Infirmed

44 Jesus Sends 12 Apostles

45 Sermon on the Plain – Part 1

46 Sermon on the Plain – Part 2

47 A Centurion’s Slave and A Widow’s Son

48 Messengers from John the Baptist

49 Jesus Forgives a Sinful Woman